A Japanese couple and their kids have a “family meeting” every month and take detailed notes with monthly goals and results. In true sitcom fashion, they end up surreal and hilarious.

The idea of the family meeting is probably not too foreign a concept to most of us. Lord knows they happened at my house when our parents needed to announce that the kids weren’t pulling their weight, or that they were, uh… getting a divorce. But, at least one Japanese family has taken the family meeting to a whole new level, with monthly, business-style gatherings, complete with individual monthly goals for each family member.

And just to be sure everyone remembers, the family takes the equivalent of meeting minutes, with what appears to be one of the kids jotting down every family member’s solemn promises for the month. Now, the family has kindly shared some of the meeting notes with the Internet and they should definitely be set to a laugh track. let’s check some out:

“[End of] December Meeting. Minutes by Nagomi.

Results of December Goals:

Dad – Keep eyes on the road (failed)

Mom – Lose weight (for real, this time) (failed)

Nagomi – Look for Santa (politely greet if found) (failed)

Kazutoyo – Cannot help picking nose, but will be sure to throw boogers in the garbage from now on (passed)

Goals for January:

Dad – Keep eyes on the road

Mom – Cannot lose weight anyway, so will instead throw away clothes she no longer wears

Nagomi – Eat her vegetables

Kazutoyo – Stop crying when creepers blow him up in Minecraft


Why didn’t Santa fall into my trap?

-> He didn’t have time for your shenanigans”

“October Meeting. Minutes by Nagomia.

Results of October Goals:

Dad – Keep eyes on the road (failed)

Mom – Lose weight (failed)

Nagomi – Finish homework within one hour (passed)

Kazutoyo – Don’t cry at kindergarten (passed)

November Goals:

Dad – Keep eyes on the road

Mom – Lose weight

Nagomi – Wash feet

Kazutoyo – Stop picking nose to the point of bleeding


What will save the world, love or money? -> Love

Increase father’s allowance? -> No”

Yes, in Japan, even fathers have an allowance.

Some readers will no doubt find parallels in these with members of their own family. It would have been nice to see Dad and Mom succeed in their goals of being better drivers and losing weight (they appear to have been working on them for months), just to see what their next agenda would be, and also because their kids are far outpacing them in their ability to clearly set and achieve objectives. Heck, maybe it’s only a matter of time till ol’ Nagomi is promoted to Head of Household.

Source: Curazy
Images: @mohikan1974/Twitter