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Of course, the hair got plenty of attention… 

Now that it’s 2016, it’s officially fair to talk about the upcoming United States presidential election. With nine months remaining before people go to the polls, there are still way too many Republican candidates and a growing battle between the two front-runners for the Democratic Party. But whether you’re a major TV news network or a channel on YouTube, everyone wants to talk about the loud elephant in the room: Donald Trump.

Our friends over at the YouTube channel Asian Boss took to the streets of South Korea to ask the people what they thought of the billionaire hotel mogul who’s standing for presidency. Astoundingly, many of the respondents were stumped by the very first question, “Do you know who this is?” but they quickly found plenty of things to talk about…

Young South Koreans didn’t seem to recognize Donald Trump’s face; some suggested that he was perhaps a famous wrestler or a retired sportsman.

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The only people who seemed to recognize Trump were a couple of older men who were not too impressed by “The Donald’s” entrance into the political world. Those who weren’t familiar with Trump were asked to venture an opinion of him based entirely on a photo of his face:

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The video took a serious turn when people were asked to respond to Trump’s recent comments about banning Muslims from entering America. Needless to say, the South Koreans didn’t share his zeal for closed American borders.

It was a pretty neat social experiment to see the effects of U.S. politics on people in other countries and we’d love to see a “What do Koreans think of Hillary Clinton” version. If you want to see more, be sure to check out Asian Boss’ YouTube channel, where they have a number of other great videos.

Source & Screenshots: YouTube/Asian Boss