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He’s either lazy, impatient, intelligent, or adorable…or maybe all four!

Being located on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, the North Safari Sapporo zoo sees plenty of snow every year. But while some of the facility’s animal residents aren’t indigenous to such cold climes, the weather probably isn’t much of an issue for its harbor seals, since their habitat in the wild includes arctic coastlines.

But even with a body that’s adapted to function in snowy conditions, Niko, the North Safari Sapporo harbor seal who stars in the video below, knows a good deal when he sees one. So when it’s time to move from one part of the zoo to another, he happily hops into a sled and even gets a snack before the zookeeper begins pulling him to his destination.

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But as fun as the ride looks to us humans, apparently Niko is a busy seal.

When the zookeeper stops to pose briefly for the camera, he immediately starts to impatiently slap his fore flipper against the sled, upset over this unscheduled stop, yet not so much that he’s actually willing to get out and walk.

▼ “Hey, what’s the holdup?”

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You know, Niko, we’ve seen that animals can use smartphones, so if you’re really in that much of a hurry, maybe you should just use Uber instead.

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Source: IT Media
Images: Facebook/North Safari Sapporo (edited by Rocketews24)