Hate math class? Well, maybe this clever Japanese Twitter user might change your mind!

If I’m being totally honest, math was never my favorite class. I was always pretty sure the numbers were lies (yes, like the cake), and I always found it far harder to find the area of a polygon than to analyze a sonnet. But Twitter user @motcho_tw is really making me rethink everything!

A self-professed “math fan,” @motcho_tw apparently spends a lot of time thinking about equations — specifically graphing equations like you probably did on a TI-83 in geometry class. But we have a feeling people would pay a bit more attention in the classroom if more demonstrations showed how to transform Anpanman into Doraemon by way of Mickey Mouse!

“I did it! I created a graph where Anapanman turns into Doraemon!”

If you’re suitably impressed (and how could you not be?), then you may be interested in seeing this magical equation! Here you go:

▼ “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…”, every math student in the world.


But even with the equation in hand, you may still be skeptical, but @motcho_tw has posted everything for you to examine and play with on the math website Desmos. You can try changing numbers and fiddling with equations as much as you like!

As you may imagine, the tweet with the original transformation got quite a bit of attention — it’s been retweetd over 26,500 times! But this is hardly @motcho_tw’s only mathematical creation.

“I’m a fan! Please give me your ‘sine!'”

It turns out the Twitter user is also a bit of a punster. Aside from the obvious pun on “fan,” it might help to know that the Japanese word for autograph/signature is サイン (“sain,” meaning “sign”), which is basically a shortening of “signature.” However, it can also refer to the mathematical “sine” (as in “sine and cosine”). Yep, that’s exactly the kind of math pun you used to roll your eyes at while your teacher chuckled to herself. This guys is definitely a math fan.

If you want to play with @motcho_tw’s fan graph, you can again do so on Desmos! With enough fiddling, it will even turn into a spinning shuriken.

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Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@motcho_tw
Featured image: Twitter/@motcho_tw