Now that you’ve been acquainted with kabe-don, the most talked about romantic situation in Japan at the moment, and the ways to fend off unwanted kabe-don, here’s the latest variation to the wall-pounding approach – mata-don.

“Mata” refers to the crotch, and similar to kabe-don, mata-don involves one person sandwiching another between themselves and a wall, but this time with an additional move of putting their knee or foot between the other’s thighs. We can already imagine some guys cringing at this nerve-wracking pose. If your heart is still feeling fine, read on to get a glimpse of what mata-don commonly looks like!

As always, the creative Twitter users of Japan are incredibly sensitive to changing trends, and jazzing them up with their quirky ideas. Not too long after kabe-don became a sensational topic online, they turned their attention to another human-to-wall pose commonly seen in manga, and coined it as mata-don.

Unlike kabe-don, however, mata-don doesn’t give off as much romantic vibes. Well, with someone’s leg strategically positioned just millimeters away from your family jewels, it would only be a person’s normal reaction to get into an alert mode rather than a romantic mood, regardless if you’re a male or female (though ironically, the pose often appears in romantic or erotic situations in Boys Love anime and manga).

▼ This is what mata-don looks like when there’s a significant height difference between both parties.

▼ Beware guys, girls can do it too.

▼ And when mata-don goes wrong, things get painful.

▼ Just in case you were wondering, mata-don doesn’t just appear in manga…

Some Twitter users have expressed their desire and longing to be caught in a mata-don situation, though no matter how we look at it, it looks nothing less than uncomfortable. If you’ve ever been sandwiched (or sandwiched someone) with a mata-don, share your experience with us in the comments section below!

▼ If you’re able to pull off this upgraded version of mata-don, we might need to arrange an exclusive interview…

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter