Who says high school calculus has no real-life applications? It has been years since I graduated from high school and so far I have found nowhere else in my life outside the classroom where I would need to wreck my head over calculus. However, some Japanese high school students have found a great way to put what they have learned to use – by formulating the hypothetical volume of a pile of poop. 

Things escalated quickly from a 2-dimensional drawing of a perfect pile of poop under ideal conditions to a 3-dimensional model of said poop with X, Y and Z-axis laid out.


Before you know it, there is a whole team of them working on the Theorem of the Century.


Voila! With some simple integral they came up with their own mathematical equation for determining the volume of one single pile of poop!


Netizens were quick to comment on the creativity and humor of these students:

“What a waste of talent. (This is a compliment)”

“They are so smart they look stupid.”

“Why do boys like sh*t so much?”

“I wish I had this kind of education.”

Have any of you used calculus to figure out the volume or mass of an everyday object…just for fun? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

Source/Images: Twitter, h/t Hamusoku