This little guy is always prepared to literally rise and shine.

If you’re the owner of a cat and a camera, odds are you spend a lot of time snapping feline photos. But there are only so many hours in the day, and if you’ve got four cats in the home, like Japanese Twitter user @ccchisa76, simple math would tell you the result is less time with the lens trained on each one of your pets.

That said, the majority of @ccchisa76’s photo tweets star just one of her cats, Miruko, and when you see the kitty in action, it’s easy to understand why.

Miruko’s antics are so dynamic, he even grabs the attention of his non-human housemates.

Acrobatics aren’t the only skill set in Miruko’s repartee, either. When the mood strikes, he can also spin and flex like nobody’s business.

Still, it’s his super-athletic leaps that @ccchisa76 most frequently captures on camera.

▼ Looks like he’s even got jumping jacks mixed into his routine.

With all of this boundless energy on display, you might think that Miruko has always led a charmed and happy life, but that’s actually not the case. Last August, when the cat was still a kitten, @ccchisa76’s husband found Miruko abandoned and emaciated in a parking lot. He scooped the stray up and took him home, and after a month Miruko had transformed into the healthy, active kitty seen here.

Ordinarily, we’d sign off by saying how glad we are that this story has a happy ending, but considering how young Miruko is, and how his playfulness shows no sign of fading, we think the happy story is just getting started.

Source: IT Media