Don’t like trigonometry? Then you’re just like Hitler, says Japanese high school English teacher

Further proof that any argument will eventually have someone call the other person a Nazi.

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Uncle and netizens confused about child’s low grade on math assignment

Have you ever had a teacher this strict?

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Japanese student told they will be penalized for not using a ruler to draw multiplication lines

Japanese schools continue in their quest to make math as annoying and tedious as possible.

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9+3=12? Nope, that’s wrong, says Japanese kid’s elementary school, thanks to “cherry calculation”

Stupidly rigid rules dangle down to infuriate older brother.

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Japanese university graduate students solve 2,000 year mathematical problem

Keio University researchers have solved the problem of a pair of unique triangles with the same perimeter and area. Laymen remain confused!
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Flexible teachers DO exist in Japan: First-grader gets full credit for “wrong” math test answers

There are no wrong answers, as long as you’ve got the right question.

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Student penalized for writing the number “4” the “wrong” way on worksheet

And in the process learns a lot about life.

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Supposedly simple math homework for Japanese elementary kid stumps gamer dad, with good reason

”If you spent four hours and 40 minutes playing video games, how much time did you waste?” has no easy answer.

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Musical calculators! Japanese Twitter user recreates songs beautifully by crunching numbers【Vids】

The perfect way to get your math teacher to hate you.

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Sinisterly simple math puzzle for elementary school kids stumps Japanese Twitter adults

Get out your thinking caps, and get ready to possibly lose some of your grown-up pride.

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Very literal answer for 2+1 provides perfect dose of kid humor【Video】

We see what you did there! And we can’t stop chuckling.

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Get your calculator ready! Twitter user shows how to transform Anpanman into Doraemon using math

Hate math class? Well, maybe this clever Japanese Twitter user might change your mind!

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Combat math – Professional sumo wrestler’s throw follows the golden ratio

The golden ratio has been seen in mathematics, architecture, music, natural phenomena…and now sumo wrestling.

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Japanese comic explains why a negative multiplied with another negative is a positive

We always thought basic math principles were useful, but who knew they could be funny too?

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Does this math problem prove that Japan’s 20-somethings are getting dumber?

Studies show that only 60 percent of Japanese 20-somethings are able to correctly solve this math problem, compared to a whopping 90 percent 30 years ago.

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Philosophy with numbers: The math problem that stumped the Japanese internet

If a notebook costs 100 yen, 20 yen cheaper than a pencil case, then how much is an eraser? 

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“5 + 9” is okay but “9 + 5” is wrong? Is this being logical or overly picky?

Students who add and multiply with the numbers in the ‘wrong’ order are getting their answers marked as incorrect? Japanese net users weigh in.

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Math-solving phone app is the quickest way to self-study, skip homework, and/or fail your tests

I think we can all agree that math is a pretty handy thing to understand, right? A basic concept of things like fractions and algebraic equivalents is what keeps us from getting taken advantage of by con men who make such tempting offers as trading two of their shiny monies (or even three!) for our one paper money when the latter is actually of greater value.

Still, basic math is all about following the proper procedures to arrive at the one true solution, which is why you don’t get partial credit for having the wrong answer on your math assignment just because you took a novel approach and wrote the numbers with nice penmanship. As such, you can program a machine to spit out the answer in a fraction of a second, and with a new smartphone app, all you have to do is snap a picture of the math problem, and let the app take over from there.

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Mysterious Japanese publishing group releases book with pi to one million places

The world is full of mysteries, from why anyone thought recreating emoji in real life was a good idea to what the heck is going on at Fushimi Inari Shrine. Another mystery is what all the digits of pi are. Since the number just goes on and on forever, it’s a mystery that will never — can never — be solved.

However, we have figured out a huge amount of pi — to trillions of digits, in fact! And you can even buy a book with the first one million digits in Japan thanks to the Dark Communications Group, which is not a group of mad mathematicians plotting to take over the world.

We hope.

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Japanese Twitter claims that if you can answer this question, you have an IQ of 150+

So you’ve memorized thousands of kanji, you can name all the members of AKB48, and you actually understand the ending to Evangelion. You’re probably pretty smart, but are you smart enough to take down a question from Japanese Twitter?

Japanese Twitter user @yabazin_gazou, an account with over 250,000 followers, recently posted an unusual math problem, claiming that if you could solve it, that would prove you have an IQ of 150 or higher. While we’re not exactly sure on the science behind that claim, check it out to test the overlap between your math and creativity skills.

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