It’s cold and frosty in Tokyo! Perfect weather for taste-testing the newest frozen cheesecake ice cream bar!

With temperatures in Tokyo dropping below freezing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everyone’s wrapping up snuggly warm and eating nothing but hotpot. In truth, however, it’s mostly business as usual, with schoolgirls continuing to risk chillblains by pairing short skirts with tiny socks, and we’ve also caught sight of plenty of people continuing to enjoy conbini ice creams or other frozen snacks despite the fact that there’s snow on the ground.

In fact, there’s been no lull in the ice cream industry in Japan, since it’s continuing to bring out new and exciting snack creations during the cold winter months. One such snack is the frozen cheesecake ice cream bar released in collaboration with cream cheese brand Kiri, featuring, as its name implies, plenty of cream cheese. We roped in our lovely Japanese writer Meg to try out the new treat and let us know her thoughts—since the very thought of eating ice cream while we’re already shivering gave us brain freeze!

The bar features creamy frozen ice cream flecked with crumbs of biscuity cheesecake base. However, lurking inside is a vein of extra-soft and creamy sweet cream cheese sauce.

So, what did Meg think of it?

Well, Meg found the combination of tart yet sweet cheese filling, creamy ice cream, and chunky crumble pieces both delicious and addicting. “I’m done with other sweets from this point forth!” she proclaimed, praising the contrast between textures and the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness from the cream cheese.

The tasty bar retails for 150 yen (US$1.20) and can apparently only be found at Lawson convenience stores for the time being. Hopefully it’ll still be on sale in the summer months when we might feel a bit more excited for the thought of frozen treats. Until then, we’ll be under our kotatsu grumbling about the frigid weather and dry air.

Do you like to eat ice cream all year round like Meg, or do you prefer it only during the summer months?

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