The latest lunchbox from this girl’s character bento-making dad probably raised a lot of questions at school.

We’ve seen doting parents make some beautifully made kyaraben, or character bentos, over the years, with tiny details and intricately placed ingredients thrilling sons and daughters when the lunchtime bell chimes at school.

Part of the appeal of having a beautifully prepared lunch is the fact that it often attracts the attention of teachers and classmates, who also look forward to seeing what wondrous creation lies beneath the lid of lunchboxes owned by children of kyaraben-making parents.

For doting Japanese father Takafumi Ozeki, who’s also a member of comedy duo The Geese, making beautiful bentos for his kindergarten-going daughter is all part of his everyday morning routine, and his collection so far shows just how skilled he is at bringing characters to life in edible form.

▼ He’s created Minions

▼ A sleeping Rilakkuma

▼ Mario

▼ Baymax

▼ And even some gorgeous Ghibli characters.

▼ He’s made Spot and Arlo the dino from the 2015 film The Good Dinosaur.

▼ And at Christmas, he created this adorable seasonal scene.

Ozeki is so good at making beautiful bento lunches that his daughter obviously has no doubts over his ability to create anything, so one day she presented him with a drawing and asked him to turn it into an edible work of art.

The loving father obliged, but when sharing the picture of his creation online, he mentioned he was concerned about what the teacher would think when she saw it. Without any explanation about the lunch’s inspiration, it could well be seen as the work of a deranged adult, unleashing his demons on his daughter’s lunchbox.

▼ Either that or a charming failed attempt at making a cute kyaraben.

Despite its odd and unconventional look, this kyaraben is actually the sweetest, most heartwarming one Ozeki has ever made, and it’s probably his daughter’s most memorable. We just hope she had her picture laid out next to her bento during lunchtime so she could enjoy “eating” her illustration, while also explaining the reason for her lunch to teachers and friends!

Source: Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Twitter/@geeseojeck