kyoto bento

Making eye-catching bento lunch boxes is a big deal in Japan. Walk into any bookstore and you’re bound to find a least a dozen books teaching you how to make adorable characters out of rice and seaweed. Amble by any off-campus elementary school event where the kids are required to bring a lunch from home, and you’ll hear squeals of “KAWAIII!!!” as someone’s mom most definitely made Pikachu out of cheese. But while most bento feature cute vocaloids or giant titans, this mother’s lunches have an educational twist. Let’s take a tour of Japan’s prefectures made out of food by talented mother and Twitter user, Sasariri.

Let’s start our journey with Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido. It’s looking absolutely adorable with the addition of a bumble bee and a lady bug.

Moving on to Miyagi, we see just how skilled Sasariri is at cutting seaweed.

Each bento is not only beautiful, but also a balanced meal. What kid (or mother) wouldn’t want that?

Every prefecture’s name is also written in the roman alphabet, an added educational bonus!

And now, please enjoy a large collection of Sasariri‘s work. She claims to have made every single prefecture, including Okinawa!

Source: IT Media
Images: Twitter (ejkzmrs)