animal vid 8

Japan is the land of super adorable things and the animals there are no different.

Seeking out “animal-controlled locations”, where animals roam free all over the place, may not be on everyone’s to-do list when they visit Japan, but it probably should be. The country plays host to plenty of secluded locations and natural habitats where you can get up close and personal to some friendly wildlife.

Our friends over at Yummy Japan are currently hosting this wonderful video made by YouTuber Abroad in Japan to give everyone a taste of the history and splendor of these five different “animal kingdoms”.

From wily foxes to serene monkeys, all of these places are incredible because it’s not just one, but hundreds of creatures vying for a chance to get food from you. As a bonus, if you go at the right time of year, you’ll even see baby versions of the little guys.


Be sure to check out more of Abroad in Japan’s videos, like the hilarious Japanese people swearing in English, along with other awesome Japan-centric content on their website and let us know about your own visits to these locations in the comments below.

Source, images: YouTube/Abroadin Japan (top image edited by RocketNews24)