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Everybody’s got that story. The story of why they decided they wanted to go to Japan in the first place. Unsurprisingly, for a lot of people it’s manga, anime and even J-Pop. For a lot of guys, it’s the girls. For (comparatively fewer) girls, it’s the guys. Some like the food. Some like the “Old Japan” feel of Kyoto and Kamakura. A few even go for the outdoor activities.

And some go for the pervy action figures.

Or, that’s the impression you might get from this kid’s 15-minute long video of his first ever trip to Japan. Don’t get us wrong, the video is expertly made and meets the minimum quota of jump cut-enabled jokes required for YouTube success. But like said jump cuts, the end of this kid’s video is a bit… well, jarring.

After gushing over a lot of the finer aspects of Japan – the food, the pop culture, even the mountains – he ends abruptly on an introduction of his possibly favorite Japan swag: a large, intricately modeled and scantily clad doll of an anime girl.

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While he probably didn’t mean for the doll to be the focus of the video, the Japanese Internet took notice:

“No matter where in the world they come from, you can spot an otaku from a mile away.”

“What a gross otaku.”

“Looks like the Japan boom isn’t over after all.”

You get the idea. And, it must be said that, proving the Internet isn’t always such a bad place after all, a lot of Japanese commenters were full of compliments and well-wishes for our hapless hero – who, contributing further to his otaku cred, is called CaptainNintendoDude.

So, CaptainNintendoDude, we salute you. It takes courage to show off your pervy anime doll for the world to see. Drop on by the RocketNews24 offices some day and we can compare our collections.

Source: Donguriko