Earlier this year we introduced our readers to Japan’s fox village, an open-range zoo home to dozens of adorable foxes so tame that they’ll walk right up to you to say hi. This year, too, Japanese sightseers have stopped by to see the foxes playing in the autumn leaves, and one Twitter user uploaded a pair of simply adorable photos that we just had to share with you.

These pictures from the Zao Kitsune (Fox) Village were posted by Twitter user @yasaka_amam, and they capture the gorgeous creatures in all their fluffy glory. I don’t know quite how close the foxes actually let you get to them, but I would just love to bury my face in those silky red coats. And maybe take one home with me. Or a whole leash of them, which is apparently the collective noun for foxes.

“The foxes at Zao Kitsune Village are friendly so you can enjoy their fluffiness from really close up!”

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▼ Feed meeee?


▼ Is it just me or is he channeling Doge a little bit here?


Check out our previous post for more details on the zoo and how to get there. We’ll keep an eye out for more cute photos to share with you for those who can’t make it there in real life.

Source: Twitter