Cup Noodle now has cute cats and judgmental foxes waiting underneath its lids【Photos】

Instant ramen providing instant smiles from adorably weird designs.

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Starbucks now has a foxy drinkware range

Beautiful new collection celebrates “an autumn festival of animals living in the coffee forest“.

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Man finds adorable lost “puppy” on roadside in Japan, turns out to be adorable something else

A short but sweet time together saves the animal’s life.

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Indulge your foxy foot fetish with kitsune socks from Japan

Dress your feet up in fox spirit cosplay.

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Kyoto’s fox bride wedding kimono makeovers let you indulge in cultural cosplay

Photos studio in the historical Arashiyama neighborhood offers a makeover/photo package you won’t find anywhere else.

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Draw-your-own fox charms are one of the highlights of Kyoto’s famous Fushimi Inari Shrine

Go for the history and culture. Stay for the silly artwork.

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Trick art rompers are back to turn your child into three new animals, complete with airy bottoms

For when you finally get tired of staring at a cat tail coming out of the back of your child.

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Looking to get your cute animal quota in Japan? Check out these five locations!【Video】

Japan is the land of super adorable things and the animals there are no different.

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Foxy kitsune socks will have you looking Shinto-chic

Much like “humdinger” and “roughneck,” “foxy” is one of those words that’s far past its golden age. But really, why shouldn’t it be used to describe an attractively fashionable woman, especially is she’s sporting a pair of these cute knee-high socks decorated with Shinto-style kitsune fox spirits and other culturally quirky touches?

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Looking for a new favourite animal? Take your pick from these six adorable Hokkaido natives

We all know the truth about cats and dogs. They’re secretly plotting our demise with adorable antics that keep us distracted from our lives, both online and in the real world.

But what about wild animals? Usually the subject of serious documentaries, nature’s fauna seem to have a more mature approach to life than your average piano-playing cat or yoga-loving dog. But that doesn’t mean they’re not adorable!

Meet six of the cutest wild animals you’ve seen, all hailing from the cold upper reaches of Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. From fluffy carnivores to a genuine Pikachu lookalike, these little critters will melt your heart!

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The foxes at Kitsune Village are back to kill you… with more cuteness 【Video】

We’ve introduced you to the impossibly adorable wonderland of cute known as Zao Kitsune Village before, but these little guys are so darn cute we just can’t help ourselves. The zoo, located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan has over 100 little fox fluff-balls running free through the park grounds. A walk through the Kitsune Village, with all that cute running around you, is probably akin to a walk through heaven.

And for those of you still wondering what the fox says? We have some video evidence for you to hear for yourselves!

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More adorable photos from Japan’s fox village

Earlier this year we introduced our readers to Japan’s fox village, an open-range zoo home to dozens of adorable foxes so tame that they’ll walk right up to you to say hi. This year, too, Japanese sightseers have stopped by to see the foxes playing in the autumn leaves, and one Twitter user uploaded a pair of simply adorable photos that we just had to share with you.

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