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Commuter train with special heart-motif straps and box seats starts service in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and thanks to Tokyo-area rail operator Keikyu some people’s daily commute might be becoming a bit more romantic. From February 1, one of the company’s trains has become the Keikyu Love Train, with a portion of its ordinary circular hand straps being replaced with heart-shaped ones.

Somehat more dramatic are the special seats that can be found on the Love Train. At the corners of the cars you’ll find box seats, and one set on the train will be decorated with a heart motif until March 14, which is known as White Day in Japan and is the day on which men give gifts in return to the women who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

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The majority of trains running in and around Tokyo have straight bench seating, and this cozy seating arrangement is no doubt inviting for couples who’re riding the rails together. However, Keikyu hasn’t made it entirely sure who the special seats are meant to be for, as they’re not explicitly reserved for existing couples or lonely singles looking for a valentine’s date.

As a matter of fact, Keikyu isn’t even aiming to stir feelings of romantic love specifically, as the Love Train website encourages those who sit in the special seats to consider the gratitude they feel towards friends and family members. The company is also asking passengers to put those emotions into written words and submit them as part of a contest to win gift certificates, travel vouchers, and heart strap-shaped chocolate (pictured directly below).

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Taking such a broad view of the word “love” while limiting the Love Train to only the period between Valentine’s Day and White Day seems just a bit contradictory, but hey, anything to help spread some good vibes and make commuting on Tokyo’s stressfully packed commuter trains a little more pleasant is something to be thankful for.

Source: Narinari
Images: Keikyu (edited by RocketNews24)