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You don’t make art with these pencils; the pencils are art!

We’ve featured some pretty impressive and creative sculpting before here at RocketNews24. There have been guitars carved with traditional Japanese woodwork techniques, and of course, bananas made into pretty much anything you can imagine.

But one Taiwanese artist making his way around the internet right now might be the most impressive yet. His name his Chien Chu Lee. His medium? Pencil tips.

▼ That has to be some of the most detail per square millimeter I’ve ever seen.

Ever since October 2010, Chien Chu has been turning ordinary pencil tips into museum-worthy works of art. They are all done by hand, no lasers or anything involved, making each one just as unique as the artist himself.

▼ Some blooming lotus-hand pencils, presumably perfect for writing sutras with.

▼ Maybe someday the little dragon can grow up to be the size of a fingernail,
just like his “big” brother!

▼ Are we sure these aren’t bigger?
How is something this small and detailed even possible?

▼ I mean seriously?!

▼ Now we can officially say that Minions are everywhere.

▼ Well that’s one way to get likes on Instagram.

▼ Little known fact: E.T. didn’t phone home he wrote a letter home, using this pencil.

▼ And a garden made up of 180 pencil-tulips.
What’s even the point of trying to compete with that?

We’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg here when it comes to Chien Chu’s creations. If you like what you’ve seen, be sure to give him a follow on his official Instagram or Facebook. Let’s show him that people all around the world can appreciate beautiful art, no matter how small it is.

Source: Artist Database via Instagram/chien.chu.lee
Featured/top image: Instagram/chien.chu.lee (1, 2)

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