With five different floral designs to choose from, this is one bouquet you’ll want to add to your pencil case.

After a year and a half of improving on prototypes, design and marketing company TRINUS has finally announced that their innovative new flower colored pencils are ready to make their public debut.

These pencils take their inspiration from traditional Japanese flower motifs, and sharpening them will leave you with more than just pain old pencil shavings – what once would have been considered trash is now a lovely remnant of art as flower petals fall from your pencil sharpener.



Keeping the earth in mind, the traditionally-wooden axis around the lead of these pencils were made with recycled scrap paper, lending to the soft color and ease of sharpening. The lead itself carries “Made in Japan” quality for a pleasant drawing experience you can enjoy.

The pencils come in a set of five, featuring the shapes of cherry blossoms, plums blossoms, dandelions, evergreen leaves, and Chinese bellflowers. They come together in a package that allows you to see the bottom cross-section of the pencils, revealing their perfect flower shapes.



In addition to the pencil set, you can also purchase postcards and blank message cards to color in and mail to your friends and family. With semi-translucent envelopes, including a few flower petal shavings in with your card will give it an extra stylish look.



To order a set of your own, you will need to register an account over at TRINUS’ homepage, which is Japanese only, but is sure to be worth it to get your hands on a unique set of pencils like these. If you’d like to find out more about floral writing equipment, Japan also has other pencils that fall in the shape of beautiful wooden sakura cherry blossom petals when shaved, and ones that even bloom out in the garden. There’s never been a better time to write with flowers!

Source, images: TRINUS
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