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Rice balls and sushi pieces have never looked more adorable!

It was two years ago when we first stumbled upon the amazingly cute bento collection from Li Ming Lee. The mum-of-two from Singapore first started packing kyara-ben lunches for her boys to cheer them up and help them adjust to elementary school; since then, she’s honed her talent, added new skills and ingredients to her repertoire and even published a book to help other parents create cute lunches too.

While her collection of adorable meals continues to grow by the day, there’s one thing we can’t get enough of: her insanely cute sushi characters.

▼ Tsum Tsum is just a small portion of Lee’s sushi range.

Lee uses rice and seaweed to recreate the black-and-white bodies of pandas, who appear in a number of imaginative scenarios.

▼ Here they wear fish toppings like hats.

▼ And here they play on a bed of seaweed grass.

▼ They’re even cute as round-bellied rice balls!

▼ Other animals include pigs and penguins.

The holiday season gave birth to some Christmas-themed sushi pieces, with Santa, Rudolph, and a snowman lying in golden inarizushi pockets.

And when it comes to famous characters, the world of animation takes centre stage, with Sanrio’s lazy egg, Gudetama, wrapping himself up in salmon instead of his beloved bacon.

▼ Tsum Tsum characters roll about, waiting for some action.

▼ Baymax looks adorable wearing a belt of nori seaweed!

▼ And egg sushi gets dressed up as a gang of cheeky Minions.

One of Lee’s most unusual creations is the “Hello Kitty Rice Cream”, which is a regular rice ball that comes served on a stick.

And no cute collection would be complete without an appearance from the feline world!

To keep up-to-date with Lee’s ever-growing range, and to take a look at some hints and tips for creating your own cute food, be sure to stop by her blog and Instagram page.

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