Japanese star of Britain’s Got Talent goes from strength to strength as his festive strip show catches the eye of a famous fan.

It’s been a whirlwind year for Japanese comedian Wes-P, or Mr Uekusa, as he’s commonly known. After appearing on international TV shows Georgia’s Got Talent and German’s Got Talent, the 30-year-old comedian made it all the way to the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent, joining the French and Spanish versions of the show shortly afterwards.

Despite appearing on Japanese television programs for over a decade, Mr Uekusa’s appearances on these overseas talent shows quickly propelled him towards international stardom. And the talent he was proudly sharing with the world had nothing to do with conventional skills like singing or dancing – Mr Uekusa’s unique talent lay in the art of getting naked.

For a taste of his signature performance, take a look at Mr Uekusa’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent below.

The self-billed “international variety performer” was warmly embraced by British audiences, but sadly never made it past the audition stage for the U.S. version of the show. However, one famous American appears to have a soft spot for Mr Uekusa’s sense of humour, particularly after seeing the comedic stripper’s “Merry Christmas” message on Twitter a few days ago.

▼ Merry Christmas from Mr Uekusa.

Shortly after the tweet appeared on Twitter, American actor and Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus shared the video to his 6.1 million followers on Instagram, saying “Happy holidays everyone.”


Mr Uekusa was clearly thrilled with this development, tweeting a screenshot of the actor’s post and commenting, “I posted my videos on Norman Reedus’s Instagram! Thank you!” Taking a look at the Japanese, though, it’s clear that what Mr Uekusa wanted to say was: “Norman Reedus posted my video on his Instagram account!“.

Reedus’ fans reacted with laughter, surprise and suggestions that he himself should post a video attempting to replicate Mr Uekusa’s tablecloth trick. While we doubt the Walking Dead star will be copying Mr Uekusa’s naked antics anytime soon, we do know the actor has close ties to Japan, given his friendly working relationship with Hideo Kojima in recent years.

Reedus and Kojima most recently worked together on Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding PS4 game, which has Reedus playing a starring role.


With Reedus drawing even more attention to Mr Uekusa’s tablecloth antics, who knows what 2019 holds for the Japanese comedian? One thing’s for sure, though – if there’s a way to pull a piece of silk from his naked body without exposing his nether regions, Mr Uekusa will find it, even if it involves an electronic shredder or bicycle helmet.

Source: Twitter/@uespiiiiii
Featured image: Instagram/bigbaldhead