Conan o-“fish”-ally cements his fame in South Korea by making an appearance in the drama One More Happy Ending as a talking goldfish.

Who says procrastination doesn’t pay off? It certainly did for Sunny Lee, who put off studying for her exams to watch clips of Conan O’Brien on YouTube. The student ended up feeling so inspired she couldn’t help but pen a thoughtful fan letter to the famous late-night talk show host in addition to sending him a box of treats from her homeland.

Conan in turn was so touched that he traveled to South Korea to pay her a personal visit, making a few new friends along the way.

But we doubt he was prepared for his chance at true fame by swimming with the fishes, as part of a sudden offer for a two-part cameo in One More Happy Ending, a new Korean drama that started airing last month. Starring Jung Kyung-ho and Jang Na-ra, Conan first appears to give Song Soo-hyuk (Jung Kyung-ho) a hand at getting Han Mi-mo’s (Jang Na-ra) attention from inside a fish tank.

▼ Needless to say, Mi-mo wasn’t impressed by the fishy pick-up lines.conankdrama2

After that, Conan makes a second cameo as a foreign businessman looking to be placed through Mi-mo’s match-making service, only to withdraw his application after falling head-over-heels in love with her.

▼ And doing his best at speaking Korean!

Although he wasn’t able to win over Mi-mo’s heart, Conan has practically become a familiar face to South Koreans overnight, and even managed to strike a deal for a new project with JYP Entertainment in between traveling around the country, meeting fans, and shooting a special edition of Conan.

Could this be just what the star needed to put himself on the map in Asia? Who knows, but we wouldn’t mind seeing him in Japan. Maybe we should send him some cherry blossom soda and popcorn!

Source: YouTube/KpopLadiez 5, YouTube/MBCdrama via KotakuInstagram/teamcocoYouTube/news1
Feature/insert images: YouTube/KpopLadiez 5