Squid Game work day – Testing out the secret tug-of-war technique【Pics, video】

Brains over brawn worked in the Korean drama, but will it work in the SoraNews24 office?

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Distributor of anime Your Name reportedly responds to rumors of live-action adaptation

Anime fans have been buzzing about a possible foreign adaptation of director Makoto Shinkai’s hit.

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Idolmaster Korean drama finalists appear in two music videos ahead of final round of cuts 【Video】

Looks like fans and judges are going to have a tough time deciding who to keep and who to let go.

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Idolmaster anime becoming Korean-drama, idol applications to be accepted from around the world!

South Korea will receive a live-action drama adaptation of the hit idol video game and anime franchise, with a few significant changes.

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Chloe Grace Moretz delivers kimchi slap down during a spot on Korea’s Saturday Night Live【Video】

The infamous kimchi slap makes a comeback!

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Conan O’Brien turns into a goldfish for a surprise Korean drama cameo

Conan o-“fish”-ally cements his fame in South Korea by making an appearance in the drama One More Happy Ending as a talking goldfish.

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Japanese actress Mina Fujii is the most searched keyword in Korea and it’s not hard to see why

When it comes to women, we have a pretty good idea of what Japanese netizens like. They like young shogi players, dancing streamers, and… women who use poop makeup? Sure, why not.

But what about Korean netizens? What do they like? According to search engine results in Korea, right now the number one most searched topic in Korea is Mina Fujii, a Japanese actress. Why is this Japanese actress the current hot topic in Korea? Read on to find out!

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Brazilian man spends over $3,000 on plastic surgery to look ‘Korean’

We’ve looked at plastic surgery in South Korea from pretty much every angle there is, but this is the first time we’ve come across something quite like this!

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) of pop culture has been steadily gaining strength around the world over the last few years as more and more people discover the infectious sounds of K-Pop and the addictive plot lines of K-dramas (seriously, I double dare you to watch only one episode before going to bed). South America is no exception to the trend, with starstruck female fans swooning over the dreamy Korean men and soaking up the trademark dances that go with each song. Which is perhaps why one 25-year-old Brazilian man decided to undergo a series of cosmetic surgeries to make himself look more Korean.

We’ve heard of Korean citizens getting work done to look more like Western models and stars, but this is a first for us. Join us after the jump for a slew of photos from this man’s amazing transformation.

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