Spring, and cherry blossoms, may still be a little while ahead, but you’ll soon be able to enjoy a sweet taste of them at the Tsujiri tea shop in Kyoto!

Yes, we have some sweet news for green tea fans planning to visit Kyoto this spring. Tsujiri, the renowned Kyoto-based tea manufacturer with a history that dates back to 1860, will be offering sakura-flavored sweets and drinks for a limited time at their Tsujiri Kyotomise location. The shop, which is operated not only as a tea and sweets store but also as a cafe that provides “a unique matcha experience”, will be offering the following delectable-looking seasonal items from March 1 to April 30 this year.

● Tsujiri Soft Serve Ice Cream Sakura Parfait (562 yen [US$5])


Containing the shop’s signature rich matcha soft serve ice cream topped with sakura-flavored red bean paste, a piece of sakura-shaped meringue and a sakura-flavored yatsuhashi confection (a soft sheet of glutinous rice filled with sweet bean paste), this colorful and artistic creation evokes images of spring in Kyoto.

● Kyoto Latte Sakura (small: 454 yen, large: 508 yen)

img_90393_1 - コピー

This mild and relaxing latte mixes a thick matcha green tea drink with condensed milk, scented with the gentle aroma of  sakura.

● Kyoto Latte Smoothie Sakura Baked Pudding (small: 572 yen, large: 626 yen)

img_90393_1 - コピー (2)

This matcha-infused smoothie contains a milk-based and sakura-flavored baked pudding giving it a fun, jello-y texture. The sakura-shaped meringue placed on top adds an extra feeling of spring to the drink.

You’ll even be able to take some of that green tea goodness with you too, with these packets of instant Sakura Matcha Latte, available in a box of five for 540 yen. The rich green tea and mild flavor of milk with the scent of sakura should be a delight to taste at home.

Tsujiri 2

Just from looking at the pictures, we can imagine that anyone who likes green tea would be seriously tempted by any of these items. If you’re sightseeing in Kyoto this spring, the Tsujiri Kyotomise shop should be a great place to quench your thirst and recharge your energy with some refreshing sweetness!

Shop information
Tusjiri Kyotomise / 辻利 京都店
Address: 215 Nakanocho Yamato Ohji Nishiiru Shijo Dori Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto 605-0075
〒605-0075 京都府京都市東山区四条通大和大路西入中之町 215
Telephone: 075-551-0220
Open 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

Source and all images (partly edited by RocketNews24): @Press press release