This ultra high-definition documentary is scheduled to come out this year. You can help support its production, and get some pretty cool things for doing so too!

A hero is only as good as his weapon, so that means if you happen to be a samurai, your weapon better be pretty good. And of course, since this is Japan we’re talking about, you can bet that the process of making that weapon will be an art unto itself. Perhaps this is why there are so many people who are captivated by the precision and beauty of the Japanese katana.

It takes almost a year to make a true katana, through joint efforts of master sword smiths, sword sharpeners, scabbard makers, coating masters, and silver artisans. A team of filmmakers have delved into the world of Japanese sword making to bring the process of this intricate art form to the public in exquisite, ultra high-definition (4K) detail.

▼ Complete with epic English-speaking narratives and the wildest sword-making music ever

The crew of the 4K Katana Project have recorded nearly 15,000 hours of footage, equal to 100 terabytes of data! You can follow the true masters at work through each step of the sword making process from shaping the blade…


…to heat treating…


…to clay application…


…to polishing!


There are plans to release the documentary this August, but as you can imagine it’s no quick or simple task to edit and produce 15,000 hours of footage! That’s why the project has created a crowd-funding page, and of course they aren’t going to let their donors walk away empty-handed. Donation plans start from 2,500 yen (approximately US$22), with a gift of an “original Japanese sword ear pick” (for those tough battles against ear wax) up to the maximum donation amount of 9,200,000 yen which will get one generous donor an actual Yoshihara-made katana, among a slew of other gifts.

If you are interested in seeing this film through, you can also follow the project on its Facebook page here for updates.

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Images: YouTube/ホリプロ