These adorable instant cameras and film come courtesy of a collaboration between Love Live! and convenience store chain 7-Eleven!

Polaroid-type instant cameras are very popular in Japan, and their convenience makes them perfect for a variety of different situations. For instance, some restaurants will take and gift a photo of you and your party if you’re dining for a special occasion, and may even doodle something like the date and your name right on the photo border. Sometimes, maid cafes will give customers with an instant photo as a memento of their trip, and celebrities will offer signed instant snaps of themselves as fan rewards. Shoot-and-print pictures certainly have a novelty factor along with their cool retro vibe, and provide immediate gratification.

Well, how about if they made the whole thing even cuter by bringing out a range of cameras and films with a Love Live! theme?

This new, limited edition hot pink-and-white camera celebrates idol group μ’s from the Love Live! series and comes with themed accessories. It’s also a very exclusive product, since it’s only available from collaborators 7-Eleven. Let’s take a closer look!

The camera itself features the signatures of all of the characters on the back plate in hot pink.

Even the package the camera comes in is totally cute!

There’s also a special hot pink-and-black carrying case to keep your precious camera from getting damaged and allow you to tote it about easily. You don’t even have to take it out of the case to take a picture!

The film contains ten different varieties of frame featuring adorable Love Live! illustrations and a variety of colour schemes.

Of course all this kawaii-ness doesn’t come cheap, with the camera, case and frame pack being priced at a teeth-sucking 14,958 yen (US$132). However, plain instant cameras usually tend to set you back around at least 90 bucks anyway and that’s not including film, so we reckon this is a steal (besides, it’s limited edition and it’s cuuute!).

The only drawback is that the camera is on sale in Japan for the month of March only and there’s a limited number of sets available. To get your mitts on one of the sets, you can pick up an order form in most branches of 7-Eleven, or you can order online at 7-Eleven Japan.

Source and images: 7-Eleven Japan