So cute you could slurp them right up?

Instant noodles, generally speaking, aren’t something you serve when you’re having someone over for dinner. If you’re eating cup ramen, odds are you’re dining alone, perhaps meditating on your solitary state as you wait for the boiling water you’ve poured into the container to cook your meal.

Things can get especially lonely in the case of Nissin’s Raoh series, which takes an extra-long five minutes to cook, three minutes more than most varieties of instant ramen. But thanks to a new promotion, you won’t have to spend that time all by yourself, since one of five anime girl personifications of the brand will keep you company.


To enjoy this 2-D assisted dinner for two, you’ll need a pack of Raoh and a smartphone with the AR app called aug!, which is free to download in both iOS and Android versions. Once you’ve poured your hot water into the bowl, replace the lid, fire up aug!, and point your camera at the package, where your virtual date will be waiting for you.


Not only will she talk to you during the five minutes until your ramen is ready to eat, once it’s time to dig in, she will too, happily slurping her own noodles while you do yours.

Each of the five varieties of Raoh ramen has its own corresponding girl, with the collected cast being a group of five siblings.

▼ Oldest sister Hatsumi, a fourth-year college student who’s just secured a job for after graduation


▼ Tsuguko, a worldly and caring 20-year-old college freshman


▼ Manami, a rebellious, tempermental, and competitive 17-year-old second-year high school student


▼ Karute, a 15-year-old third-year junior high student, who talks tough but frets over losing Twitter followers (the reason for her eyepatch is not explained, although if nothing else it should help shield her eye from splashing ramen broth)


▼ And finally, Shino, Karute’s twin, who the character introduction text hints might actually be a boy


Because of the long shelf life of instant ramen, you could theoretically have a pretty long-term relationship with one of the characters, should she (or he, possibly, in Shino’s case) capture your heart. Still, you won’t want to take things too slow, since the promotion is scheduled to end on December 19. This being Nissin, though, it probably won’t be too long until the company thinks up yet another way to give you some form of companionship as you eat its products.

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Source: Mantan Web via Jin
Images: Nissin (edited by RocketNews24)

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