Variety-packed portfolio ranges from classic anime to modern mobile game hits.

Over the last few years, there’s been a huge increase in the amount of anime Japan produces. Credit the combined effects of easy access through late-night TV broadcasts and the general otaku culture boom, plus a growing overseas fanbase being better served by simultaneous online distribution, with the end result being dozens of new series premiering at the start of each of Japan’s four annual TV seasons.

More anime naturally means more anime characters, and that in turn means more cosplay projects that fans want to see. Helping to meet that demand is South Korean cosplayer Supermarket, who goes by supermk33 on Instagram and takes on a wide variety of anime and video game cosplay challenges, with beautiful results.

Beloved magical girl Sakura Kinomoto made her return to the anime world this month with the start of Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc, and to welcome the heroine back after her 18-year-hiatus, Supermarket donned her iconic outfit and posed among what look to be the sakura flowers with which the character shares her name.

Going back to the fall season, Land of the Lustrous’ tale of living jewels was one of autumn’s surprise hits. Some of the characters have identical outfits, but Supermarket’s hairstyling and makeup changes bring out their different personas.

▼ Phosphophyllite

▼ Diamond

But Supermarket also makes time for older anime icons like Sailor Moon (in her Princess Serenity form) and Misty/Kasumi, from Pokémon’s original central trio of traveling Pocket Monster trainers.

Switching over to franchises from Supermarket’s home country, her latest cosplay endeavor is Elin, from South Korean fantasy RPG mobile game Brown Dust.

Supermarket’s other video game muses have included inordinately fashionable combat android 2B from Nier: Automata

…and, of course, Overwatch’s D.Va, who has a strong fanbase in South Korea.

Hopping back over to the world of anime, Love Live!, with its huge cast of schoolgirl idol singers and all of their various uniforms and stage costumes, gives Supermarket a wealth of choices, such as Makie Nishikino

Kotori Minami

Hanayo Koizumi

…and Kira Tsubasa.

▼ Not pictured: ill-mannered Love Live! fans

And as if all those idol outfits weren’t enough proof that Supermarket is comfortable with ruffles and lace, here she is as Re:Zero’s Rem and Rozen Maiden’s Sugintou.

With so much versatility in her cosplay portfolio already, odds are we’ll be seeing plenty more from Supermarket in the months to come.

Source: Instagram/supermk33 via Kai-You