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A lot has happened in the past 20 years of Poké-history, and now we have it conveniently summarized for us in nine info-packed minutes.

Can you believe that it was 20 long years ago when RPG sensation Pokémon first came out? Just take a second to work out how old you would have been on the day it launched. The beauty of Pokémon, however, is that it is a true trans-generational favorite—nowadays it wouldn’t be out of the question to see a parent and their child chatting away about the finer details of the game/anime/world-power, as if the two of them got into it at the exact same point.

Producer FootofaFerret and YouTuber The Game Theorists break down the history of the world’s most popular video game starting with its creators, Game Freak, when it was still a magazine about video games.

▼Pre-video game production “Game Freak”.

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The video moves through the released games one by one (or really two by two, as they’re usually released in pairs), including interesting facts and special releases along the way.

▼ Can you believe that there have been 25 games released so far, not even considering the infinite amount of spin-offs?Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 21.28.17

▼ Brace yourself for Pokemon overload (in the best way).

Here’s to many more years of Pokémon!

Source/Images: YouTube/The Game Theorists h/t Laughing Squid