A clever idea at the character name-entry screen drastically changes his relationship with the rest of the cast.

In most Pokémon games, the main selling point is the ability to encounter and capture hundreds of different adorable species of Pocket Monsters. But while the franchise’s distinct wildlife is present and accounted for in recently released mobile game Pokémon Masters, the big draw is that during the game you’ll bump into human trainers from across decades of mainline Pokémon games, from first-generation icon Misty all the way up to Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Acerola.

Pokémon Masters story trailer

If the point of Pokémon Masters is human connections, though, Japanese Twitter user @Fermi_skdolls figured he may as well make those connections extra personal, since a lot of the trainers you’ll meet during the course of the game are cute girls. So when the game prompted him to choose a name for the character he was creating, @Fermi_skdolls didn’t put in his own name, or a name he thought a hypothetical cool dude would have. Instead, he input “私の彼氏,” which is pronounced watashi no kareshi and means…

my boyfriend.

“I input my name as ‘my boyfriend,’ and it made me super-popular with the girls. It was the perfect life,” @Fermi_skdolls tweets, and he provides screenshot evidence of his elation, in which the comely ladies of Pokémon Masters have the following to say about him.

Rosa: “You’re amazing, my boyfriend! Even more skillful than I expected you to be!”
Flannery: “My boyfriend…I want to join your team! Let’s aim for the World Pokémon Masters championship together!”
Erika: “My boyfriend, I would like to stay by your side and see what flowers will bloom as you walk the path of a Pokémon Trainer.”

Thousands of Twitter users were impressed by @Fermi_skdolls’s clever gaming of the game’s dialogue system. However, his complete tweet bears a warning as well:

“I input my name as ‘my boyfriend,’ and it made me super-popular with the girls. It was the perfect life…or so I thought, because there’s something I didn’t take into account.”

That something is that while it may be the cute girl trainers that @Fermi_skdolls remembered best from the collected Pokémon games, the franchise, and thus Pokémon Masters, has plenty of male trainers too, and now they also call Fermi_skdolls “my boyfriend.” For example, Brock’s in-game exchanges with @Fermi_skdolls so far have included “Well, that sounds good to me. What do you think, my boyfriend?” and “My boyfriend, you came! Are you ready for a Pokémon battle?”

So while @Fermi_skdolls’s method for turning Pokémon Masters into a dating simulator does work, you’ll need to be in the mood for a pansexual harem. Still, it shows how versatile the game can be, as a little creativity or technical difficulty can make it shift from RPG to romance to reality-shattering horror.

Source: Twitter/@Fermi_skdolls via Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/The Official Pokémon YouTube channel
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