Japanese gachapon machines aren’t just for kids, if the success of recent mega-popular plastic toys like Cup no Fuchiko and cup-clinging hamsters have recently proven. Perhaps there’s something about hanging a little character on your morning cup of joe that appeals to the kid inside us that is nevertheless forced to be an adult in a harsh and unforgiving world (which often requires caffeine.)

However, the most recent cup-clinging curio on the gachapon market has us feeling both hungry and creeped out in equal measure. Meet Dumpling Head Man!

Toy company PUTITTO, which is responsible for both Cup no Fuchiko, her little sister Gurimi, and the cup-clinging hamsters, has announced its newest entry into the cup-clinging market: Gyoza Man! He’s basically a little doughball of a character with softy, squishy buns and a big old pot-sticker/gyoza/dumpling for a head. But it turns out that Gyoza Man actually has a presence outside of being a gachapon toy. He’s originally a character in the Dorohedoro manga series, and is even the star of his own line of stamps available on the LINE app.


▼ Here’s a bunch of Gyoza Men capering on a cup. Cute or creepy…or perhaps both?

▼ Even the butt looks a little floury…


Gyoza Man comes in several different poses, and in one of them he even functions as a smartphone prop.

▼ Here he is just hanging out with a few  of his actual, edible counterparts.

Each version of Gyoza Man will cost 300 yen (US$2.50) from gachapon machines across Japan.

We’re not sure if it’s Gyoza Man’s obvious nakedness that is more disturbing, or the fact that he lacks any kind of facial features at all. Here at the RocketNews24 offices we can hang whatever we like pretty much wherever we want it, but we’re having a hard time picturing regular folks who work in less liberal offices wanting to proudly display a doughy nude dumpling from the rim of their morning conference coffee. Probably better to keep your Gyoza Man collection at home with the rest of your more, um, colourful personal belongings.

Source: Yattar Japan
Top image: Twitter/@ayuayuuuuua