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Remember Gudetama, the apathetic anthropomorphized egg character from Sanrio with no desire whatsoever to do anything at all? Well, it seems the most unmotivated character we’ve ever seen from Sanrio has actually gotten down to business, if only for a limited time. That’s right, Gudetama now has his very own cafe at the Village Vanguard Diner at the Yokohama Lumine, and he appears in the menu as an edible ingredient, which we guess isn’t so improbable, since he is an egg, after all.  And boy, does he look adorable as part of a dish — definitely good enough to eat!

The cafe, which offers special Gudetama dishes, is the result of a collaboration between Gudetama and Japanese bookstore chain Village Vanguard, who operates diners at several of their shops across Japan, and has been set up at their diner in the Yokohama Lumine shopping complex.

And who would have imagined that Gudetama would be so cute in real life? Just take a look at the pictures below and tell us he isn’t almost too cute to eat!

▼Here he is as the Gudetama Burger (1,780 yen [US$16.61]), which comes with a limited edition mug that you can take home.
Now, just how do they draw his face on the egg yolk?

gude burger 1

▼This is the Gudetama Taco Rice (1,580 yen [$14.77]), which is like a taco salad except the tortilla chips are substituted with rice.
It too comes with the special mug.

gude tacorice

The other items on the menu include: the Gudetama BBQ Burger (1,780 yen [$16.61] with the mug), Gude Eggs Benedict (980 yen [$9.15]), Gudetama Bacon Loco Moco (1,580 yen [$14.77] with the mug), Gudetama Kids’ Burger (780 yen [$7.28]), Gudetama Roll Cake (880yen [$8.21]) and  Gude Pudding (880yen). Yum, so they have dessert too!

And that’s not all. At the Village Vanguard shop on the fourth floor, which is separate from the diner, you can get limited edition Gudetama goods available only here.

▼The goods include: T-shirts in black and white (2,700 yen [$25.20]), tote bags in off-white and black (1,800 yen [$16.80]), lunch tote bags (1,600 yen [$14.93]) and iPhone 6 cases (2,000 yen [$18.66]).gude goods

Considering how popular our lazy egg friend Gudetma is, with over 190,000 followers on Twitter, and also seeing how innocent and sweet Gudetama looks as a real cooked egg, we wouldn’t be surprised if the cafe is extremely crowded and eating there involves waiting in a long line, especially during the weekends.

The Gudetama cafe is open until November 5 and if you do visit, we hope you enjoy the unique experience and that maybe you can share some photos of the food so we can see what the other items look like. We have to say, we never thought we’d see Gudetama working so hard!

[Details for Gudetama Cafe at Village Vanguard Diner Yokohama Lumine]

Business Hours: 11am-11pm every day until November 5
Address: 6F Yokohama Lumine, 2-16-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture
(Next to JR Yokohama Station)
Tel: +81-45-444-1255

Source and photos: Village Vanguard website (Japanese)