A simple squabble over the breakfast table turned into a scene from a horror movie for one family.

The incident began on the morning of March 5 at a home in the Chinese city of Suzhou, located in Jiangsu Province. The young boy, whom Chinese media is referring to by the pseudonym Xiaopeng, began playing his favorite smartphone game immediately after waking up.

As he sat at the breakfast table, swiping and tapping away, it began to attract the interest of Xiaopeng’s six-year-old brother. The boys’ already frustrated mother, now seeing both sons engrossed in the game, reminded Xiaopeng that he should set an example for his little brother to study.

However, Xiaopeng, without looking up from his game said, “I tried showing him last year, and it didn’t work. I’m not going to teach him anymore.”

Later that morning, when Xaiopeng’s father caught wind of the exchange, he began scolding his son for both excessive video game playing and talking back to his mother. The exact words weren’t reported but things clearly escalated extremely quickly.

Xiaopeng suddenly dropped the fork he was eating with, turned around, and grabbed a knife from a table behind him. He then swiftly brought the blade straight down on his own finger.

Either the boy’s chop was extremely fluky or he had exceptional coordination because he managed to bring the knife down right on the second joint of his left index finger, severing it cleanly from the hand.

After the parents recovered from the shock of what just happened, they swiftly wrapped up the finger and rushed Xiaopeng to the hospital. Following a three-hour operation, doctors were able to reattach the finger, but said it would take another week to determine if the surgery was a complete success.

The boy has a long road in terms of physical recovery, but an even longer one lies ahead of the family in repairing itself after what happened on that day. Some say that with enough time you can look back on any family argument and laugh, but this one will surely take quite a while and an awful lot of work.

Source: Sina News via Narinari.com
Top Image: Sina News