Looking forward to Death Note 2016? Then you’ll be excited to hear that an original cast member from the previous films is returning as a familiar character!

Yes, the lovely Erika Toda will be reprising her role as Misa Amane, devoted (albeit in a twisted way) follower of protagonist Light Yagami and his murderous alter-ego Kira in the original two-part live-action film series. As the cast of the previous live-action films, including Toda, has generally been very well-received by Death Note fans and movie viewers alike, the very fact that Toda is appearing as “Misa Misa”, as her character is affectionately known, is sure to generate huge excitement among Death Note followers across Japan.

As you may recall, we’ve already reported on the key cast for the upcoming new movie, which is set to take place 10 years after the events of the previous films, and this announcement should just be icing on the cake for long-time fans of the series.

▼ Since Toda’s portrayal of Misa in the past films was highly praised and achieved a near “legendary” status even among die-hard Death Note fans, this is wildly exciting news for devotees of the series!


We already know from official announcements that the new movie will portray a world once again thrown into confusion from the six Death Notes that the Death gods have introduced into the human world. A fierce battle of the minds is once again expected between those who want a new Kira to emerge and those who want to stop that from happening.

And how does Misa fit into all of this? Because she willingly relinquished ownership of her Death Note 10 years ago, she doesn’t remember anything relating to the deadly notebooks. She has, however, retained her affection for Light over the years while continuing in her career as an actress. If there is a way to unlock her memory, then what she knows about the past confrontation between Light and the genius detective L could be a vital element in the plot of the new movie.

Toda herself seems to already have put much thought into taking on the role of Misa again, commenting, “Will I be able to return to when I was playing Misa before? Is that even something I should do? Should I go back or move forward? How would my present self be able to portray Misa? There was a lot for me to think about.”

With Toda in the picture, now we’re really looking forward to seeing Death Note 2016. The movie is set for release on October 29, so we still have a bit of a wait, but let’s hope it’ll be worth it!

▼ And here’s the short trailer for the new film, if you haven’t seen it already:

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