Chiba police hunting for serial attacker who puts finger in teenage boys’ mouths

Senior police official quoted as saying, “I have never heard of this behavior, but it’s sick.”

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11-year-old boy cuts off own finger in rage after being scolded for too much smartphone gaming

A simple squabble over the breakfast table turned into a scene from a horror movie for one family.

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Artist gives the finger to famous characters from fiction and real life

Our fingers are each a special snowflake, the ridges and whorls on the pads creating a unique pattern that sets us apart from anyone else. Criminals go to great lengths to make sure not so much as a pinky touches the scene to leave incriminating evidence, but if they get careless and leave a print behind perhaps they could give some of the following disguises a try.

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China Develops Innovative Method to Measure Manhood

The other day I was smoking a cigar while driving my Hummer with a gun rack in the back when I saw a pretty young lady walking along.  I asked if she’d like to head down to the shooting range, but she replied “no thanks, micropenis!”

Taken aback, I screamed, “How did you know?!”

“Ancient Chinese secret,” she said with a wink.

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