With his chiselled jaw, steely gaze, and model good looks, this bodyguard has been stealing the spotlight wherever he goes.

Not since Kevin Costner has there been a bodyguard that’s caused this much attention. Hailing from South Korea, 36-year-old Choi Young-jae has been making news around the world in recent days, with his service to South Korean President Moon Jae-in during his presidential campaign overshadowed by his dashing good looks.

Pictured alongside Moon on the campaign trail, images of the handsome bodyguard quickly went viral, with swooning fans sharing pictures of the hunk online and gushing over his movie-star good looks.

According to news reports, Choi is more than just a handsome face, having spent 10 years as an officer in South Korea’s Special Warfare Command.

Take a look at some of the bodyguard’s best angles in this short clip below:

Speaking to the Korea Times, Moon said that he was thankful for all the attention he’d received, but at the same time surprised by it, saying it “does not feel real yet”. He also commented that he didn’t want to steal the limelight from the president or cause any trouble for him, seeing as he’s the person who should really be getting all the attention.

In the same interview, Choi said that his stint as Moon’s bodyguard was a volunteer role, with the former officer having set up a team of 10 security staff, pooled from his junior colleagues from the Special Warfare Command. As a supporter of Moon, Choi offered him the bodyguard service for free, and they covered all expenses themselves, in order to “play a small role in helping Moon accomplish his long-cherished dream of rebuilding the country”.

Though people around the world have been caught up in the bodyguard’s good looks, Choi’s fans may be disappointed to find that he’s not a single man on the market looking for love; he’s married to an English instructor and is the father of two daughters.

It might be a while before we see him on the scene again too, given that Choi is now spending more time with his family and Moon is currently in the care of South Korea’s presidential security detail following his succesful election to office.

With looks so striking they could stop anyone in their tracks, we’re hoping Choi takes up another job as a bodyguard soon. Given all this recent attention, he might not have to wait too long before he’s offered a paid assignment, sending the Internet into meltdown again.

Until then though, we’ll just have to be content watching that mysterious, buff man bathing in hot springs in 4K.

Sources: Next Shark, The Korea Times
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