Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. And why don’t we do it all with Love Live, while we’re at it?

Being a tombstone-engraver and gravesite-builder may not be your typical, longed-after profession, but Japanese Twitterer @t_hide3 takes it in stride—and he uses his business-honed talent to create unique tombstones that any Love Live fan would, um… die for.

▼”My work is done! Before the display gravestones got thrown out, I decided to try making an ita-stone design on one. I think I’ll keep this one on display for a while♪”

@t_hide3 makes a reference to itasha, those glaring eyesores (to some) that trundle the streets of Japan painted in all of their anime glory. If you have a Love Live itasha in life, why not have a Love Live ita-stone in death?


You may recall mention of  @t_hide3’s work previously but, while awesome, intricately-carved gravestones don’t really have a place in everyday life, and really can’t be enjoyed by the receiver of the product until they’re six feet under… Or cremated, as is the case in Japan. So, @t_hide3 has taken his engraving skills to something a little more widely available: glass bottles.


His handiwork has earned him a lot of attention and followers on Twitter. Here is what some netizens have to say…

Of the gravestone:

“I want to buy this! I refuse to be buried in anything other than a Love Live cemetery.”

“This is a work of miracles! And it’s even cooler that you used your own talents to make it!”

“Are you a god? This is amazing!”

Of the bottles:

“This is a masterpiece! Your talent is amazing (o_o)”

“This is amazing! Good work!”

“You’re a genius.”

“You could totally sell these!”

We’re looking forward to see what other creations @t_hide3 comes out with next on his Twitter!

Source and images: Twitter/@t_hide3