Don’t sweat it if you find yourself tearing up at this simple but sweet gesture to get an obaachan the recognition she deserves. 

What’s the extent of your artistic ability? Most of us can probably draw a decent stick figure or cartoon animal…with a pencil. Not many people have touched fancier paints, such as acrylic or oils, let alone mastered them like the Renaissance pros. That’s probably why the Internet couldn’t even contain itself when young Japanese band member @keeeeigo5 took to his Twitter account to show off an absolutely lovely painting that his elderly and insanely talented grandmother had drawn:

▼ “The picture that my 84-year-old grandmother painted is wonderful. She said, ‘If you post it on that thing called Twitter, I guess everyone will be able to see it. Do you think they’ll approve…?’ Please retweet this if you think it’s good!”

That light-rippling effect on the water is something else, right? Many net users were touched by the gesture and were more than happy to spread the deserving grandmother’s painting around. @keeeeigo5 posted a follow-up thank you message just a few hours later as the likes kept pouring in:

▼ “Thank you so much for all of your retweets and likes. My grandmother is over the moon and is happily watching a Korean drama at the moment (lol). I, the grandson, am in a band called ‘HEADLAMP.’ I can’t be of any support to her at this stage, but someday I’d like to repay her with my music. Please check out this video if you feel like it!”

This was followed by a second message the next day showcasing even more of his grandmother’s breathtaking paintings. She certainly seems to have a penchant for European cityscapes and scenes of ordinary life!

▼ “I’ve gotten some requests for more, so here are some of her other paintings! 1. [On left] Bridge of Sighs (Italy) [On right] Side streets of Córdoba (Spain) 2. Morning market in France 3. Corners of Taormina (Italy) 4. The round roofs of St. Mark’s Basilica (Italy).

By the way, the title of the first picture I posted is ‘Gondolas.’ All of these paintings are of places that she actually visited. She’s amazing.”

OK, seriously, obaachan. Jaw drop.

At this point, his grandmother was so overwhelmed with love that she took it upon herself to write a thank you letter and a very special offer to the Internet, which her grandson dutifully attached to a final tweet.

▼ “Please read this message from my grandmother to all of those who saw her paintings! As a fan of her work myself, I would love to pass them along to someone who truly appreciates and will display them into the future. I think that’s also the best form of appreciation for the works themselves! Please feel free to send your messages along to me.

Her letter reads,

“Recently I jokingly suggested to my grandson that he post my artwork on Twitter. Unexpectedly, a great number of people, including younger ones, saw it and I am completely overwhelmed and encouraged by your support. 

I had always thought my paintings would be left in storage, but since so many people responded that they would like to decorate their homes with them, please let us know if you would like any. Since I am a novice painter, we can consult about the price.   

Thank you very much. Mitsue Miyazaki” 

Net users responded to her message with praise after praise: 

“I’m so glad I saw these. I will aspire to surpass your grandmother someday!”
“What a wonderful grandmother. I’m also very close with mine, so your post really moved me.”
“You’ve already gotten such a positive response that you should consider crowdfunding so that she can hold her own solo exhibition. That way, even more people will be able to see her work.”
“How beautiful. This is only the second time in my life that I’ve really felt touched by a piece of art.”
“Both your grandmother’s use of color and your singing voice are distinctly vivid and wonderful.”

This certainly seems to be a family where the artistic talent runs deep. We wish @keeeeigo5 all the best with his future musical endeavors and hope his grandmother continues to receive recognition for her talents!

Source: Twitter/@keeeeigo5
Featured image: Twitter/@keeeeigo5