No, there was no Japanese leprechaun with a pot of sashimi waiting for him.

You can’t underestimate mother nature. She may endeavor to make your day a living hell with soaring temperatures and muggy weather, but she can also put on some impressive visual spectacles like baby-making-inspiring auroras or rainbows to brighten up your day every once in a while.

For Japanese Twitter @ustar, who happened to come across one such miracle of nature, it was an experience he would not likely forget in the years to come:

“For the first time in my life, I saw the end of a rainbow.”

Although the rainbow itself wasn’t crystal clear, as such things tend to be, it still looked as if the colorful arch sprouted out from the ground in front of him, almost as if the powers above decided to bless him with good fortune and a safe journey ahead.

Fellow Twitter users shared his awe:

“They say that there’s treasure buried at the end of the rainbow!”
“That’s really amazing! So that’s where you climb onto the rainbow, huh.”
“If you dig there, perhaps you might just find an oil field.”
“Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to see the end of a rainbow.”
“A long time ago, it is said that people who chance upon the end of a rainbow will be blessed with happiness. If you hold on to that photo, something good might come your way.”

With a single stroke, mother nature single-handedly brought joy and wonder to countless Twitter users with her spectacle. And while we consider @ustar to be incredibly lucky to lay eyes on something so special and rare, one other person might have beaten him with a full, circular rainbow atop Tokyo Skytree.

Source: Twitter/@ustar