When hunger strikes in the most inappropriate of places, it’s all about this new “potato chip camouflage” technology!

You know how it goes — you got hungry too quickly at work and took your lunch too soon, so now you have a long stretch without food to get through before you go home. If you’re lucky, your superiors don’t take issue with snacking on the job, but if they’re lacking in any sort of empathy they might ban midday grazing at your desk. So what do you do when you’ve still got a couple of hours left on the clock and are feeling a little peckish?

Office supply manufacturer King Jim and well-known snack maker Koikeya have joined forces to bring you the ultimate in stealthy desk snacking: the Deluxe King File, or Tokusei Kingu Fairu.

From the outside it just looks like your average file folder, allowing you to store it discretely at your desk, but open it up, and you’ve got some scrumptious snacks at your fingertips!

But this clever invention is not available to just anyone. Twitter users who like or retweet Koikeya’s promotions page by March 31 will be entered in a drawing and 80 lucky participants will receive a Deluxe King File all their own!

Now, perhaps they just need to work on a way to camouflage the sound of crinkly bags and crunchy chips.

Source: NetoLabo
Top images: Twitter/@koikeya_cp (edited by RocketNews24)