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The techno-pop trio looks stunning in 2-D manga form!

Perfume is a rare girls pop group in Japan. They weren’t forced to “graduate” when they reached a certain age nor are there a ton of members in the group. Since 2001, Perfume has been made up of the talented musicians Ayano Omoto, Yuka Kashino and Ayaka Nishiwaki. Over the years they’ve had a number of successful albums and they’re back in the spotlight again with their first single from their new album.

This new song, titled “Flash”, is the theme for the upcoming live-action version of Chihayafuru, an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yuki Suetsugu. The song and images from the film make for a great music video, but the real excitement comes from the jacket cover for the single.

Drawn by Yuki Suetsugu herself, this jacket cover fulfills the Perfume girls’ wish to be drawn by a famous manga artist. They have already been turned into 3-D versions of themselves, but it’s clear that the singers are much more excited about this artistic rendition. The “Flash” single with this stunning cover will be released on March 16, just before part one of the live-action movie hits theaters on March 19.

Perfume’s new album, Cosmic Explorer will be their first in two and a half years and will be released on April 6. Western fans can hear the trio’s techno-pop beats on their live tour in the U.S. from the end of August to the beginning of September. Be sure to check out their official website for tour dates and venue information.

Source: Kai-You
Top Image: Twitter/@Perfume_Staff, Twitter/@d_davinci