rude behavior

Saitama lieutenant calls subordinate’s lunch “garbage”, then loses job for eating garbage lunches

Glass houses…

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Japan votes on the rudest behaviors seen on trains and at stations this year

This year’s ranking includes Kanto vs. Kansai regional variations in addition to the overall list.

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Tatami etiquette: Why you should never step on the threshold of a washitsu Japanese room

It’s a peculiar rule that even Japanese people don’t always understand.

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A friendly reminder from Japan Rail to please refrain from spitting in the face of staff

Apparently this is a thing that happens enough that JR East decided to print up posters about it.

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Japanese restaurant puts up sign that every waiter and waitress has always wanted

Being rude here is going to cost you.

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Love Live! warns fans once again to refrain from being jerks

Some simply love Love Live! a little too livelily it seems.

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Woman in Taiwan sparks outrage after using elderly woman as a seat on the bus

Video footage shows a woman who may or may not have a confused grasp of “priority seating.”

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China begins blacklisting tourists caught engaged in uncivilized behavior, four names so far

In recent years there have been numerous incidents involving Chinese tourists that have cast the nation’s people in a less than flattering light, such as when a young Chinese visitor to the Luxor Temple in Egypt carved a message into a relief that dates back three millennia.

A few years and incidents of pooping on airplanes and trains later, we had the case of three Chinese visitors to Japan who were arrested for sexual assault because, they maintained, adult videos led them to think that such behavior was considered normal in Japan.

At first the Chinese government tried to address these issues with a poster to educate potential travelers on how other countries people might react to certain behaviors. However, now the China National Tourism Administration (NTA) is upping the stakes and establishing a blacklist of tourists found to be disturbing the peace, and recording their names publicly.

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