Inspired by a fascinating woman or her bejewelled genitals?

With Christmas now less than eight weeks away, people in Japan are preparing for the festivities by pre-ordering limited-edition KFC party buckets and Christmas cakes, an annual tradition enjoyed by many around the country.

For patisseries in Japan, Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year, and designing the perfect Christmas cake to stand out from the competition can take months of preparation. Unlike overseas, where Christmas cakes are generally dense, rich, fruit-laden and pudding-like, here in Japan there’s a lot more room for creativity, as the cakes come in a wide variety of flavours, all presented beautifully, often with festive themes and colours.

One way to make your Christmas cake really stand out from your competitors is to push the decorative Santas and snowmen to one side and design something nobody’s ever seen before. That’s what Patisserie Rui in Kasuga, Fukuoka, has done by presenting the “Glamorous” cake for customers.

The “Glamorous” cake is said to have been designed with “the image of a fascinating woman” in mind. Containing Tahitian vanilla (unique for its floral, fruity, cherry-like flavour), Bronte pistachios from Sicily (renowned for being the world’s most expensive and prized variety, with crops needing police protection), and double-fermented chocolate (which intensifies initial flavours unique to the cocoa bean’s terroir), there’s no doubt that this really is an incredibly glamorous cake.

However, looking at it, people aren’t sure if it’s been inspired by a fascinating woman or more by a part of her anatomy instead. Because, as online commenters have pointed out, the cake looks uncannily like…well…women’s genitalia.

“Isn’t this shaped exactly like a woman’s private parts?”
“I can’t see anything except a woman’s genitals.”
“Surely they would’ve had to have seen the resemblance while designing it?”
“This would be a great cake for couples to eat together at Christmas!”
“I’ve visited this patisserie and the staff are all women so it might be a celebration of womenhood?”
“Maybe it’s meant to resemble the shape of a Bronte pistachio?”

While the shape of the cake could very well resemble the famous pistachio used to create it, it’s unclear why they decided to put a slit in the middle of it. Still, regardless of whether you see it as an innocent cake encapsulating the beauty of a fascinating woman or her fascinating bejewelled nether regions, this is a rare and expensive treat — only ten are being made, priced at 7,020 yen (US$67.20) each.

Available only at the Hakata Hankyu Department store in Fukuoka, the cake can be pre-ordered there in-person until 13 December or until stocks last. And given the cake has caused almost as much of a stir online as the McDonald’s Adult Cream Pie did earlier this year, those stocks won’t last long.

Source: Hankyu Hanshin Department Store via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Pakutaso

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