Sure, he could fly down from there, but that’s just what you’d be expecting him to do.

As humans, we don’t really insist on using the full extent of our physical capabilities for every task we perform. For example, say I wanted to get up from my desk and go grab a beer. Would you expect me to sprint to the kitchen at full tilt, diving the last several feet to the refrigerator door?

Okay, well maybe you’d expect me to do that, but no normal person would. So maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised at the antics of Japanese Twitter user Jirafun’s pet parrot.

The bird had perched itself at the top of a door in Jirafun’s home. After a while it decided it wanted to come down, but it apparently didn’t see the need to spread its snowy white wings and fly to get this job done.

Looking just as graceful as it would soaring across the skies, the parrot executes a steady, controlled slide, ending with an agile turn before stepping off onto solid ground. Then, like some kind of avian action hero, it nonchalantly walks away as if it didn’t just school every species that uses its legs as its primary mode of transportation.

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if it hopped into a convertible and drove off to pick up chicks.

Reactions online have included:

“Can’t you come down more like a bird?”

“’Eh, flying is kind of tiring, you know?’”

“How considerate. He doesn’t want to kick up dust in the room by flapping his wings.”

“It looks just like Mega Man doing his wall slide!”

“So how did it get up there?”

In response to the last comment, Jirafun said that on occasion his pet flies up to the top edge of the door. Depending on its mood, though sometimes it goes with Plan B: Climbing up using its beak and feet.

You know, we really should have guessed as much.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@With_Gir4ffE