As you might have heard, that little indie film Star Wars is getting a squeal or something like that. And, like Pokemon and Hello Kitty before it, the franchise is getting its own themed plane with the R2-D2 jet, set to start flying international routes this fall.

As you may expect, a project this big demands a big announcement. And ANA (All Nippon Airways), the company bringing this themed jet to the skies, is more than happy to oblige! Check out the commercial, complete with the jet soaring majestically through cloudy skies, below.

▼Grab your light saber and click play!

Obviously, you don’t just dress a 787-9 Dreamliner up like R2-D2 on a whim. For one thing, we don’t think that’s an easy costume to throw together really quickly–it definitely takes a little bit more than the usual 24 hours of planning!

▼Pictured below: Lots of forethought!


The ANA plane is, obviously, the result of a collaboration with Disney ahead of this year’s new Star Wars movie. The jet will be flying international routes starting this autumn and is part of ANA’s plan to “connect Japan to the global market.”

▼This is not the PR department you’re looking for.


▼It’s totally okay to make whooshing noises while admiring these photos, though.


▼They also helpfully added “Star Wars” in giant letters.
Just so no one would even dare to ask why Picard isn’t piloting the jet.


▼We bet you can’t go the rest of the day without humming the theme song.


Now, you may be wondering why ANA picked R2-D2. First, we have to say that the robot and the jet bear a bit of a resemblance, but not that much more than, say, C-3PO. Fortunately, All Nippon Airways provided this helpful explanation!

▼Gah! Pull up! We’re falling into a vortex of
marketing speak and awkward translations!


Finally, ANA has a message for all us earthlings, or “the travelers of this planet,” which actually sounds like authentic movie dialogue. This message does provide some helpful information, though, as we learn that ANA is starting service from Tokyo to Houston in June. Also, apparently our power to dream is far greater than the reach of an aircraft. Does that make our dreams better than flying first class?


And, in case you’re still wondering what this whole Star Wars thing is, here’s a trailer for the new movie. Spoiler alert: Harrison Ford has aged surprisingly well!

Finally, if you want to get that theme song by John Williams stuck in your head all day, be sure to head to ANA’s Star Wars-themed website for more information. Sadly, you’ll have to wait until next month to get anything more than photos of the R2-D2 plane, since it doesn’t completely open until May 15. You can still appreciate the snazzy background they have though!

Sources: ANA, YouTube, ITMedia
Images: ANA