Lying down and acting like a computer mouse is sure to get you some affection!

A couple of parrots have been melting hearts online in Japan recently with their unusual attention-grabbing antics. It appears that the birds have been quietly watching over the household items and products in their midst, and are now out to prove their dominance over them, with cute photos from their owners showing just how well their pets can mimic anything they choose!

This first bird was discovered hiding out inside a pack of health drinks to get his owner’s attention. Blending in with the green products, the bird loved the small space inside the box so much it ending up being difficult to entice him out!

When it comes to ideas for getting noticed though, this second cheeky parrot wins by choosing to roleplay as a computer mouse. Here, the bird stares down at the black mouse, which looks to be getting constant attention, selfishly occupying the human’s hand and keeping it away from the parrot’s feather’s, which are in need of a good rustling.

The two-year-old White Bellied Caique called Pokke-kun has always had a playful character, but one day, when its human went to use the computer, it turned out the parrot was already there, lying down next to the mousepad as if trying to fool everyone into believing it had become the computer mouse.

It became impossible to get any work done, as the cheeky parrot insisted on being held as if it were a mouse, constantly following its owner’s hand around and attempting to burrow its head and body underneath it.

Twitter users instantly fell in love with the cute bird’s clever tactics.

“I’d love to reach down and grab hold of this instead of my computer mouse!
“What a cute and cunning disguise!”
“The parrot looks like it’s eagerly waiting for its owner’s hand to come down and touch it!”
“I didn’t know birds could mimic things with their bodies as well as their voices.”
“Now Pokke-kun just has to learn to make the mouse-clicking noise to go along with it!”

The parrot who tried to become a mouse is continuing to charm audiences online, with his latest appearance showing him popping up after an afternoon adventure behind a sofa. Check out his human’s Twitter account for more cute photos!

Top Image: Twitter/@masubirds
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