True “good boy” that he is, Jack-kun II is rewarded by his employers with full control to the front door of their business and a badge.

Twitter user @takenoko74_58 spotted this unique door control at the entrance to the Kagi KyuKyu Senta (Key Emergency Center) locksmith. Complete with a sign labelled “for dogs” it is fitted at the perfect height so that their head of security can access it widdiz adowabo widdo nose…gya! Just look at him!

▼ “The automatic door to a key duplication center has a dog-exclusive push button. He will push the button when a customer approaches. This dog in charge of security is Jack-kun II.”

See him in action:

As you can see Jack-kun II is fully licensed by the shop and has the photo ID labelled “on duty” to prove it. He also wears bandannas because security is hard, sweat-inducing work and because they’re cool.

The comments regarding the guard dog and his door were for the most part nonsensical gibberish by people understandably overwhelmed with Jack-kun II’s cuteness.

“Nnnnnn, lovely.”

However, one person recognized the security dog from a Google Street View scene. While Jack-kun II said he was going out to “check the perimeter,” the Google car exposed what he was really up to.

Despite the scandal, the public continued to show their support for Jack-kun II and a few even turned on Google.

“Gasp! Cute! He felt he secured the company and went out on a toilet break!”
“Way cute! I wonder if Jack-kun the First worked in a similar way.”
“Google’s ruining his hustle.”
“He’s peeing on his workplace, it’s every employee’s dream.”
“You can’t even take a pee without Google watching you.”
“He’s just marking the territory, keeping it safe.”

It is believed that when Jack-kun II’s employers heard about the urination they reprimanded him with a memo:

“No…no…. NOOOOOOO!”
[Kagi Kyukyu HR Dept.]

Afterwards his manager punished him with a prolonged cuddle session followed by ear scritches until he learned his lesson.

Sources/images: Twitter/@takenoko74_58, Google Street View via Hamusoku (Japanese)