Whether you’re into pink frills or black one-piece dresses, there’s a knife here for you!

Despite changes in fashion trends, lolitas and goth lolitas have managed to maintain a certain presence in Japanese pop culture for about as long as we can remember. Their adorable frilly dresses and cute fashion is still one of the most enduring images people have of Harajuku — and with good reason! Who doesn’t wish they could spend all day dressed as lolita, sipping tea and eating sweets?


Of course, someone has to make all those treats, but, sadly, there just aren’t very many “cute and frilly” options for foodie lolitas. At least, not until now!

These lolita kitchen knives are perfect for the lolita that lives inside us all. Though, when you see the price, you’ll definitely hope your inner lolita has secret bank account to float you a loan…

▼ “Both the goth lolita and lolita kitchen knife have excellent cutting edges. They were forge cast, so they cut cleanly. If the edge gets dull, you can get it sharpened. But don’t use it for any wrist cutting please!”

Both of these knives were produced by Takumi Armory, a company that produces a variety of “weapons” for cosplayers, and are apparently individually made. That means if you want one, you’ll have to contact them directly and…fork over a fairly hefty sum.


For example, the Lappin knife — the cute, pink lolita version covered in hearts pictured above — will set you back 168,000 yen (about US$1,500), which is definitely enough to finance a shopping spree at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

▼ Though we guess it could also double as a video game weapons…

And if you’ve got a bit more gloom and doom in your heart than bright pink bunnies, you’ll probably want to order the Juliette knife, pictured below. With an elaborate butterfly wing spreading off the top of the knife and a lace-covered handle, you’ll need to spend a bit more time saving up, the knife costs a bit more — it’ll put you back 198,000 yen (about $1,777).


▼ “Now, this is a knife.”

As some Twitter users pointed out, there’s a good chance these knives aren’t really all that great for actual kitchen use. For one thing, that engraving looks like it would make the knives difficult to clean and for another they just don’t seem very comfortable to use. But we still definitely want them!

If you’re ready to order, you’ll need to send Takumi Armory a message using this form. Since the knives aren’t actually produced until an order is received, you can expect to wait around two months for your personal Lappin or Juliette to be finished. But, hey, there’s still plenty of time to get an order in for the 2016 winter holiday season!

And if you’re going to be buying these knives, you might as well keep going and do some lolita interior decorating too! You wouldn’t want to be mixing up your themes after all.

Sources: Twitter/@tomokiy, Takumi Armory, ITMedia
Feature image: Twitter/@tomokiy
Images: Twitter/@tomokiy, Takumi Armory