Cosplay in the rain with a Snow White raincoat from Japan

Full length poncho turns rainy days into magical fairytales.

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Kina Shen: The beautiful Asian woman who looks like a living doll【Video, pics】

The stunning porcelain doll lookalike shares the secrets behind her amazing appearance.

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Paris’ Japanese-style crêperie will take care of all of your cute cravings

Our reporter hops on a plane to Paris to check out Princess Crêpe, a Japanese-style creperie in the City of Lights!

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Dicing onions has never been so cute: Lolita kitchen knives to fill all your chopping needs

Whether you’re into pink frills or black one-piece dresses, there’s a knife here for you!

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Our reporters become Kiki and Lala Lolitas at transformation salon in Harajuku

We sent two of our Japanese writers to dress up in matching Kiki & Lala Little Twin Stars cosplay in Harajuku!

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Japanese Twitter celebrates new “Muslim Lolita fashion” trend 【Pics】

Japanese culture has spread throughout the world with food, anime, video games, and more. But one region that hasn’t taken in as much of what Japan has to offer as the rest of the world is the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

Until now. Pictures of young Muslim women incorporating Japanese Lolita fashion with their traditional hijab head scarves have been exploding in popularity online. Could this start a new trend toward Muslim idol groups and cosplay conventions?

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Shut up and take our money! This awesome dress combines lolita and traditional Japanese fashion

If you’re anything like us, there’s a good chance you like both lolita and traditional Japanese fashion. Many of us here at RocketNews24 love those lolita skirts, even if we can’t really pull off the fluffy look, and we definitely appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted kimono.

So the news that the Kaga Lolita Project, which combines traditional Japanese fashion with the lolita style, finally has a dress available for sale online has us reaching for our wallets! You might not see any of us actually wearing one, but you can bet we’ll be admiring the dresses from afar, dreaming of twirling parasols on our shoulders.

Check out the dress below and get ready to dig out your credit card!

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Japanese fashion comes home: Interior design ideas for Lolita-style living

Japan’s distinctive Lolita fashion is a subculture that is known worldwide. While some wearers of the lace petticoats, bonnets and parasols may treat it as a hobby, dressing more conventionally in their day-to-day life but wearing Lolita outfits at the weekend, for others, Lolita fashion is a full-on lifestyle with principles that they adhere to day in, day out.

So if you want to make your life as Lolita as possible, or just feel that your home needs more cutesy ruffles and buttons, check out these pictures of the new Lolita furniture and homeware range from Japanese online store Romantic Princess. Warning: things are about to get frilly.

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Deconstructing Lolita fashion

Since Her Excellency Tomomi Inada, Minister in charge of Japan’s “Cool Japan” strategy, visited New York, JapanCulture•NYC has been trying to define “Cool Japan” as it relates to New Yorkers. The broad range of the term can encompass an overwhelming number of areas: Food, fashion, design, travel, the list goes on.

To focus on one type of fashion, JapanCulture•NYC turns to the expertise of New York-based accessories designer Jen Green, who attended Japan Society’s Lolita fashion discussion on February 5. In this special guest post, Jen deconstructs the Lolita look and phenomenon for the uninitiated.

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Playing dress-up: Maison de Julietta offers the chance to be a lolita for a day

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being a lolita? We mean the fashion conscience kind of Lolita, not the…other kind. The frilly little dresses, the bonnets, the ridiculous platform shoes, and all the cake and tea you can get in your stomach! Sounds great, right? Except for the price tag—buying all of those frilly little dresses yourself will set you back a lot of money! Well, here’s your chance to try out being a lolita for a day without breaking the bank or selling a few organs!

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