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New maiden will help service all human- and plastic-kind.

A job listing site in Japan is currently featuring a very interesting part-time job based in the new Akihabara Shrine that will open in April. It sounds like a pretty decent place to earn a little bit of extra pocket-money as the successful applicant can pick the schedule that works best for them, doesn’t need to have any prior experience as a shrine maiden, and need only to be ready to work with a smile on their face.

Besides sounding like one of the easiest part-time jobs in the world, there is one other tiny detail that makes the position stand out from other job opportunities Japan: the newly hired maiden will be responsible for performing memorial services for figures and figurines.

▼ What exactly needs to happen for a figure to be “dead”?

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It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Akihabara—the land of otaku—should offer such a service for people’s prized possessions, but it still makes you wonder just what a memorial service for a figure would actually entail. Will they be burned to a crisp and then presented to their former owner in an urn? Will the shrine maiden stockpile the figures in the back, only to resell them at a later date? Could the memorial service cost more than the figure itself? So many questions!

▼ Make sure your figures “move on” to a better place, by praying to this second-hand goods deity!

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The Akihabara Shrine hopes to become another landmark of legend within the bustle of Electric Town and they’re betting on the shrine maiden being a key part of their image. You can apply for this job online at the link below until the end of March, or visit them yourself when it opens in mid-April.

Source: Baitoru
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