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Japan is already well-known for being the place where you can rent a human being for pretty much any occasion. There’s rentable boyfriends, girlfriends, and even middle-aged dudes to dispense relationship advice.

So the latest type of rentable person should come as no surprise: hot guys to cry with you and wipe away your tears. Ladies, are you ready for a stress-relieving cry and a good-looking dude with immaculate hands to dab your eyes with a cloth? Well then get ready for Ikemeso.

Ikemeso, the company that rents out the tear-wiping gentlemen, is a play on words. It combines ikemen (hot guy) with mesomeso (crying) into one perfect word to describe their business.

Here’s how it works: All of the guys that work for Ikemeso are licensed in “therapeutic crying,” so their job is to make you and the rest of your coworkers feel good by letting out all those pent-up tears. You pick out your favorite guy, he comes to your workplace, and then has everybody watch a video meant to induce crying. It’s believed that seeing everyone together in such a “natural and honest” state will improve communication and lead to better morale overall.

After the video is over, the guy will personally wipe the tears away with a cloth from anyone who needs it. And then he…just leaves, I guess? The website doesn’t provide any more details at this time, but since everything described so far comes at the low price of 7,900 yen (US$65), we can guess there’s probably not much else included.

But what about the most important part? Who are these hot guys who will come and wipe our tears away? Well here they are in all of their slightly-different-flavor glory:

▼ The “little brother type” guy.

crying guys 01

▼ The “Showa Era type” guy (as in, “slightly older then you but still hot” guy).

crying guys 02

▼ The interestingly-named “therapeutic Mr. Tokyo” guy.

crying guys 03

▼ The “intellectual type” guy.

crying guys 04

▼ The “bad boy type” guy.

crying guys 05

▼ And the adorable “sweet dentist type” guy. Maybe he’ll brush your tears away?

crying guys 06

Ikemeso will start its tear-inducing services on September 24, so if you’re in need of a good cry or a gentle wiping, be sure to book your guy right away. At the moment it only seems like they service groups of company workers, but we imagine it won’t be long before getting an Ikemeso dude to attend your birthday party or wedding will be the trendiest new fad.

Source: Ikemeso via NetLab
Images: Ikemeso